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Diaper cakes are the perfect gift for any new baby and new mom. If you are looking for a unique, elegant or adorable gift, a custom diaper is your ideal gift. All diaper cakes come with an ornament listing the contents of the cake. Diaper Cakes can be made in various sizes and will vary in price depending on the contents. Some contents may include: baby towels, baby hats, baby mittens, baby tee shirts, baby booties, bibs, soft, plush face clothes, receiving blankets, crib sheets, blankets...and of course quality diapers. Diaper Cakes can be made to order if you have a specific pattern or theme to match. These cakes can also be personalized with beautiful satin ribbon and an embroidered name. 

Towel cakes are perfect for the bride to be. Match the wedding colors for a beautiful and elegant gift. Cakes are made form thick , white terry towels (bath, hand, face clothes or even kitchen dishtowels and kitchen accessories). Cakes are adorned with flowers, pearls, tulle, ribbons and kitchen, bath or other accessories can be added. Each one is unique. Prices vary depending on size and contents.

Tutu Diaper Cake

(SKU # Tutu Diaper Cake)

This elegant diaper cake comes complete with a child size tutu! This 3 layer high  cake is made from 72 premium disposable diapers (Pampers or Luvs) all beautifully wrapped in satin pink ribbon. Lovely pink peony flowers and plush pink teddy bear top this delicious cake. A ceramic ballerina shoe ornament with pink rosettes and strung with pearls finish this exquisite cake. 

Cake is approximately 18" high.