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Doll Blanket Sets - Reversible

$ 14.00/Set

BK01 - Crazy Hearts: Hearts on one side, funky circles on reverse                                      BK02 - Frilly Flowers: Flowers on one side, pink plaid on reverse                                             BK03 - Ladybug & Flowers: Ladybug and flowers on one side, bold dots on reverse                BK04 - Molly's Roses:Patchwork flower design on one side, small flowers on reverse      BK05 - Peace:Peace Signs with glitter fabric on one side, solid purple on reverse

Doll Sleeping Bag


Soft Fleece Doll Sleeping Bag

Vibrant heart design with embroidered heart decal. Fits 18" dolls

Click Here for More Sleeping Bag Patterns

Price: $16.00

Doll Hangers

(SKU #DH01)

Quality wooden doll hangers fit perfectly in doll armoires.

Price: $ 4.00/PKG of 3 ea.